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6 Ways Cannabis Combats Period Pains

By Kymberlee Smith If you’ve found yourself here, it’s probably because you’re seeking relief for what is arguably the worst recurring pain ever: period cramps. If you laughed at that, you’ve likely never experienced really bad, really awful, really terrible menstrual...

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CBD for Menstruation Pain Relief

By: Medical Mary Menstruation is a natural and healthy part of life. Symptoms like mood swings, irritability, cramps, nausea, and pain are a fact of life for many women. While there are medications to help with the symptoms, many find them to be non effective, or come...

NJ Lawmaker Wants Women To Smoke Weed For Menstrual Cramps

By: Secular Talk The list of ailments that allow for the use of medical marijuana may have a new addition in New Jersey. A bill is being proposed by Assemblyman Tim Eustace would expand the recognised use of marijuana to include menstrual cramps. Unlike opioids or...